Founder duo Aluvision extends strong leadership with new CEO appointment


Global market leader in modular systems for stand construction and events uses Covid19 to tap into new sector: living units for the garden

Aluvision, the global market leader for high-quality modular systems and LED solutions, both for indoor and outdoor stand construction and for events, has appointed an external CEO for the first time, Peter Desmet. Under his guidance and leadership, the company will be able to innovate even faster and more sustainably. At the same time, Aluvision is launching its new product line 'Puro': trendy living units that create a holiday feeling in the garden. Since the stand construction and events sector was completely shut down by Covid19, the owners of Aluvision decided to broaden their product range by capitalising on the 'staycation' feeling, where people take a holiday in their own garden.

The positive aspects of Covid19
Ann Vancoillie and Dirk Deleu, the founders of Aluvision, have noticed, during the Covid19 crisis, an opportunity to work out a new product line with their Research & Development (R&D) team, called 'Puro', living units for the garden. Just before the global pandemic took hold, Aluvision experienced a peak in business at the EuroShop trade fair, the world’s most important trade show for stands and events, and expected a turnover growth of 30% in the coming year as a result. One week later, everything came to a standstill because of Covid19, and they have been faced with this challenge for the last year and a half. Founder Ann Vancoillie: "We used the free time to give our engineers a new challenge, namely, to apply the principles of our high-end modular systems used in stand construction and events to the leisure sector. Thus, we have turned 2020, our most challenging year ever, into our most innovative year, ever".

Tapping into the staycation trend
Since Covid19 forced everyone to spend their holidays at home, more resources were also spent on upgrading the garden. Co-founder Dirk Deleu: "Some people put in a swimming pool, others are looking for a place where they can chill out in peace or even work, - not behind a desk inside, but outside in nature". The living units (also called cabanas) are durable, beautiful in design and can be built in a few hours. Moreover, they can be customised, equipped with LED lighting and mobile shade systems, as well as many other features.

New CEO to accelerate innovation process
Owners Vancoillie and Deleu, who in less than 20 years have turned their family business Aluvision into the global market leader of modular systems for the stand construction and event sector, have now appointed an external CEO in Peter Desmet for the first time. Ann Vancoillie: "We realised that we can create much more value for the company if we have the time to think, and can therefore devote more time to inspiring entrepreneurship and forstering a culture of innovation. For example, in just one year with Puro, we have launched a new product line that enables us to reach a completely new customer. This realisation led us to look for an external CEO."

With Peter Desmet, Aluvision has brought a seasoned and experienced manager on board. Peter Desmet: "I am delighted to be taking over the general management of this wonderful company, while Ann and Dirk continue to set the strategic course. This way, together we can respond much faster to new trends and changing market demands. This way of working will allow us to accelerate and further consolidate our worldwide market leadership." Desmet earned his spurs as general manager at Beaulieu International Group, Vandermaliere, and Renson, bringing with him years of international experience.

About Aluvision
Aluvision, founded in 2003, is the global market leader in high-quality modular systems for the stand construction and event sector, and now also reaches the leisure outdoor market with their new product line 'Puro'. The family business is fully owned by founder-owners Ann Vancoillie and Dirk Deleu and works with thousands of partners worldwide, mostly stand builders such as their sister company Creaplan. Some 90% of these partners are international customers. Aluvision has two production companies: one in Deinze, where R&D is also located, and one in Atlanta (US).