Puro series

Choose between Box or Bay. Mix and match to create your perfect outdoor space.

Box unit


An Sundaze Box unit will surround you with a cool, breezy feel from floor to ceiling. Add a flooring finish of your choice and play around with various materials & colors to create your ideal outdoor space. Every unit is modular, so you can curate whatever style you desire. Create an idyllic lounge area in your backyard to entertain friends and family, or a classy private area for your customers.

Box or Bay? Mix and match colors & materials. Combine wood and aluminum for a modern, yet cosy look.

Bay unit


An Sundaze Bay unit creates a unique outdoor environment where you will experience that dreamy vacation feel, whether on your patio at home or at a downtown rooftop bar. It’s the perfect place to unwind and relax while watching the sunset and enjoying a cocktail, any time of the year. 

Interested in the possibilities of the PURO series?